Interim balance.

Destiny took its run
& I tried luck!

In 1976
born – far away the sweetest big wide eyes.

From 1982
basic school hours – start into world of business.

From 1986
the teenager reaches puberty – at grammar schools,
of course.

Since 1987
flea market-fetish – there's nothing like starting young.

Since 1991
photography in practise – always, personally and
in own direction.

In 1992
photography practical training – including coffee cooking.

In the middle of 1995
maturity for the university – bad marks in biology versus good marks in art.

From the end of 1995
French Master – high school-official.

In between
Guinness book record – a lot of job experiences in 5 sections.

In the end of 1997
advertising practical training – not so bad.

From 1998
media creator training – empty years as a
pseudo mistress.

In the middle of 2001
free – thanks to good behavior.

Before 2002
junior AD – not for my own business but responsible
for catalogues.

Since 2002
graphic designer/photographer – self-employed.

around-the-world trip

Since 2008